SVCEF: Silicon Valley China Entrepreneurship Forum, 硅谷华人创业论坛, 硅谷华创


Rdie the Next Wave

SVCEF serves as a cooperation communication platform for people who are interested in entrepreneurship, particularly it will serve those who are interested in cross USA-China opportunities.

SVCEF will bring bright scientists, creative engineers, seasoned investors, experienced business people together; it will explore business opportunities in silicon valley as well as in China. SVCEF is a professional organization with over 3000 members in USA and in China.

Together, we will be stronger and we will ride the next wave on either side of Pacific Ocean.

SVCEF use a Yahoo group to coordinate daily discussions and activities, please join us for ongoing activities.

Lastest Annoucement, May 2018:   SVCEF offers COMPLETELY FREE China Business Culture and Chinese language training progress in south bay. For details, contact:

Silicon Valley - China: Innovations, Markets, Growth, Opportunities

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