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The Alibaba Phenomenon, Discussion: What leads Alibaba to Success, May 11, 2018
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Partial List of Past Events
Opportunities in Quantum Computing and Quantum Communications ? April 24, 2018
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Introduction to Advanced Hashing Technologies for Blockchain, Feb 24, 2018
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Hand-on trainings for Smart Contracts, Oct 15, 2017
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Advanced Optimization Methods for Deep Learning, Mar 22, 2017
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Recurrent Neural Networks for NLP, Dec 2, 2016
Location: Santa Clara, CA

How to build effective marketing and sales channels for startups ? Mar 24, 2015
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Startup companies, how to get media coverage ? Dec 8, 2014
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Vertical Search Engines, Any new needs ? Oct 12, 2014
Location: Santa Clara, CA

New Trends in Advertising Technologies, Jun 21, 2013
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Mobile Social Network ? Any real business opportuntities ? Feb 23, 2012
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Solar Energy, Clean Tech, Will they rebound ? Oct 17, 2011
Location: Mountain View, CA

Discussion, Advantage & Disadvantage for Chinese do startups in USA, Jun 28, 2010
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Startup in Economy Downturn, Talk about Ken Xie, CEO, Fortinet Inc, Jan 31, 2010
Location: Mountain View, CA

Startup in Economy Downturn, Talk about Prof. Kai Li, Founder of Data Domain, Dec 13, 2009
Location: Stanford Univ, CA

Myth and Truth of Getting Funding from Local Chinese Government, Aug 31, 2009
Location: Redwood City, CA

Smart Meter, Smart Grid, Hype or Real ? June 21, 2009
Location: Mountain View, CA

Stanford MBA, Entrepreneurs, Mixer, April 23, 2009
Location: Stanford Graduate School of Business

Discussions, Startup Opportunities in Financial Industry, Feb 23, 2009
Location: San Jose, CA

Discussions, Business Opportunities in Recession, Nov 11, 2008
Location: Mountain View, CA

Run a startup vs. Run a Hedge fund, what is difference, Aug 08, 2008
Group discussion, Mountain View, CA

Internet In China: Trends and Opportunities, Sept. 29, 2007
Speaker: James Ding, Managing Director of Mayfield Fund and GSR Venture

Spreadtrum Road to Nasdaq, Sept. 28, 2007
Speaker: Ping Wu, CEO of Spreadtrum

Monetizing Web2.0: The 9/11 Viral, Sept. 5, 2007
Speaker: Clement Huang, CTO and Co-Founder of CopaCast Inc.

From Silicon Valley to Shanghai - An Entreprenuer's Story, July 8, 2007
Speaker: Charles Fan, co-founder of Rainfinity and VP and General Manager of EMC China.

Facebook as play field for entrepreneurs, June 23, 2007
Speaker: Group Discussion about Facebook platform and what entrepreneurs can do with it.

Build a startup from the ground up, June 7, 2007
Speaker: Jack Jia, CEO and Co-founder of Baynote Inc.

How to effectively pitch an idea to VC and Angel Investors?, May 4, 2007
Speaker: Hanson Li, Vice President of Hina Group.

Web 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 in China Presented by Tencent (QQ), March 22, 2007
Speaker: Management team from Tencent

The Next Big Hit in Web2.0: E-Commerce2.0 by Michael Yang, Feb. 7, 2007
Speaker: Michael Yang, Founder of and CEO of

Interative Discussion with Gary Wang, Founder of, Nov. 19, 2006
Speaker: Gary Wang, Founder of

Mentor session: Sharpen your sales skill with Jane Li, Oct. 10, 2006
Speaker: Jane Li, Senior VP of Eudyna

Sea Turtles: How to survive on land?, Oct. 1, 2006
Speaker: Ning Yang, Co-founder and President of

Roger Liao's mentor session, Sept. 26, 2006
Speaker: Roger Liao, General Partner of iD Ventures America

Internet SIG: Group discussions about Internet trends and the related impacts, August 27, 2006
Speaker: Group Discussion

Milton Chang’s mentor lunch session, July 5, 2006
Speaker: Milton Chang, Founder and CEO of New Focus Inc., President of Newport Corporation .

Building SAAS (Software as a Service) companies: perspectives from a VC and an entrepreneur, May 31, 2006
Speaker: Joyce Chung, Founding Partner, Cardinal Venture Capital
Rene Lacerte, Founder of PayCycle

Seminar: Startup, Sea Turtle, Doing Business in China, April 21, 2006
Speaker: Victor (Weijia) Wang, CEO of MTone.

China VC and Startups, First Hand Experience, March 19, 2006
Speaker: Fan Zhang, Founding Manager Partner, Sequoia China
Hongyi Zhou, Founder of 3721, Former Yahoo China CEO

Overview of China VC Investment, Feb. 8, 2006
Speaker: Galvin Ni, CEO of Zero2IPO.

Web 2.0, what is it and where are opportunities, Feb. 4, 2006
Speaker: Group Discussions

Entreprenuer and Private Equity Talk, Jan. 31, 2006
Speaker: Hong Chen, Hina Group.
This was a joint event with Stanford ACSSS.

VC Investment Seminar: Insider view from a top tier VC firm, Nov. 15, 2005
Speaker: Xiaodong Jiang, New Enterprise Associates,
This was a joint event with Stanford ACSSS.
Learn from a legend: Serial entreprenuer investor, Dec. 11, 2005
Speaker: Wu-Fu Chen, Acorn Campus (, Genesis Campus (
This was a joint event with Stanford ACSSS.