SVCEF: Silicon Valley China Entrepreneurship Forum


Members of SVCEF use a yahoo group ( for active discussions. Occasionally, some discussed threads were summarized and collected here as forum Digests.

The digest list is not up-to-date. To participate in the lastest discussion, please join above Yahoo group.
1. SVCEF Digest 001: VCs who are interested in China opportunties
A list of VCs who are China-friendly or are interested in China opportunities, hopefully the list will be useful for anyone who is seeking VC fundings.

2.SVCEF Digest 002: Web 2.0 technologies and Web 2.0 in China
Discuss web 2.0 technologies and web 2.0 in China

3.SVCEF Digest 003: On copy business ideas from US to China
Discuss a few issues on copying business ideas from US to China, what to copy and when to copy, which type of business will have high success rate.  

4.SVCEF Digest 004: IPTV as a Platform to Deliver Value Added Data Services
One interesting area around IPTV is value add services, similar to the value add services for cell phone. In other words, treating IPTV as a service deliver platform to run data services. China may lead the world on this front, similar to what it has done with cell phone value added services.